Monday, May 24, 2010

The calm before the storm

Seeing how a legacy doesn’t truly start until after graduation, I have nothing official to report. Sir Seavey is still at the university. He’s been rather busy. So I thought perhaps a quick peek wouldn’t hurt and besides, who doesn’t enjoy looking at Orrin?

Orrin stares at his congealed cold tasteless macaroni and cheese. He sighs heavily. His eyes flutter momentarily as if adjusting to the lighting. Where have you been? Raising his eyes towards where he’s sure she’s lurking, his eyebrow quirks quizzically. Nothing? That’s the best you can do?
Pushing from the table he stretches, elongating his muscular form. He rolls his head, loosening the muscles in his neck and shoulders. Try not to drool. He chuckles heading towards the showers.
He knows me so well…

Orrin chuckles seemingly to himself. Is that necessary?
Yes the photo unfortunately did not crop as I had intended. While I’m sure your fans wont object, it may get deleted from the server that hosts this picture.
I see… very well then. Orrin continues to shower with hungry eyes upon him. He carries out his daily routine as if nothing is amiss. You may want to bring your so called readers up to date.
Um… right.
*wavy lines of flashback*

Teen Orrin arrived safely at the dorms of Le something-something…
Pathetic, you don’t even remember the name of my college.
*waves a dismissive hand and continues* His first year was rather uneventful. He did the usual college thing, picked a room, skilled, went to class, met students, met professors and hung out.

ACR decided it would have a bit of fun with our man, Orrin.
Fun? You call this fun?
Was it really so bad Orrin?
Orrin pauses for a moment and grins. No, not all bad. I will admit I will never fully understand the convoluted mind of a college girl.
*giggles* Yes, this one particular girl made a beeline for our Orrin, made out with him and when he tried to flirt back
She snubbed me.
I tried to stop you. You were persistent.
There are other women. It is her loss.

I sent him around looking for jacket kids. Mostly I needed them to spawn seeing how it’s a new school… and spawn they did.

The clothing he transitioned in was hideous. Well I wasn’t fond of them anyhow. He didn’t seem to mind much. Yet he didn’t complain when I sent him downtown to go shopping. I was hoping he would run in to the diva or perhaps a vampire or even a witch… instead he met Mr. Big and a cute teen for a future spouse.

I’d like to get back to the other women…
I’m sure you would. You have two very enamored women. They both are madly in love with you. You can only marry one of them.
I’m still in school. I have plenty of time to decide. I intend to keep my options open.
*raises an amused eyebrow*

Orrin did well in meeting the jacket crew and was inducted before the end of his sophomore year. I’m actually impressed, it usually takes me a generation or two to get one inducted so quickly.
It’s the Seavey charm.
*laughs* If you say so… Personally I think he looks spiffy in his uniform.
Orrin pauses and stares in disbelief. Did you just say… spiffy?
*end wavy lines of flashback*

By this time we are closing in on the end of his sophomore year. A lot happens in his last two years, starting with picking a spouse. He has the two that I’ve mentioned and… *blinks* you’re smiling?
What’s not to smile about? I have two women that fawn all over me and I look… spiffy.
*groans* Anyhow, Orrin really is enjoying himself. I figured why not? He has a life time of suffering ahead of him, let him enjoy his college days.
One woman has two bolts and the other has three. Lightening bolts aside, I have picked his spouse for him.
You’ve what?!
He has passed his finals with flying colors as always. He’s a 4.0 student after all and now the dice come out. Do we change his aspiration or not? Odd he changes, even he remains the same.
Again with the blasted dice?
*scoffs* My dice have been kind to you.

Another thing he must do is move out of the dorm. It is time to establish his Geek House.
Greek House, I refuse to be associated with a ‘Geek’ house.
*blinks* Orrin?
Do not turn around… just trust me for once…
He raises a questioning eyebrow, folding his arms before him he stares silently before deciding if he should trust her or not.
Crisis over… okay so he has found himself a placement holder and is taking full advantage of living alone.

Woman, you’re making me look as if I am some sort of pansy.
Not at all… I simply enjoy watching… erm… so he is um…
You’re drooling again.

He is enjoying the geek house a bit too much and all the free pizzas are now getting stuffed in to his backpack. Much to his dismay he has gained a bit of weight and is bordering obese. Seeing how lazy our man here is, I have opted to get him a dance bar. While it raises his fun, it raises his body as well. Slowly perhaps but maybe we can keep him on the north side of that body bar.

So another year has passed. He is still an excellent student. He has one year left to sow those wild oats of his. Then it will be time to settle down and get serious about his legacy and his future.
Orrin harrumphs, folding his arms across his chest. Start getting serious? I am serious about my future.

*blinks* I think I know what your secondary aspiration will be…
What? Wait!