Friday, February 5, 2010

A rocky start

"I'm not sure this is truly necessary. I feel fine. I assure you my son is fine." Waylon peers at the cameraman skeptically. "Who did you say you were working for again?"
"And that's it. We got what we need. Thanks for stopping by." The pair are escorted quickly to the door which is locked immediately upon their exit.

"Ah it feels good to be out of there." Waylon takes a deep cleansing breath. "Orrin?"
"Yes, Father?"
"Are you okay, son?"
"I'm not sure." He looks down at his hands and body confused. He ponders his feeling of deja vu and unease. Something isn't quite right. "Father, where are we?"
"At the edge of Nowhere." Waylon looks around. "We're at Deadman's Corner."
Orrin turns slowly peering at his father through renewed eyes. He's not the same. I'm certainly not the same. What sort of trickery is this?
Orrin spots a mirror at the back of the relatively empty lot and walks cautiously towards it.

He stops short staring in disbelief at his reflection. This isn't happening. Surely she wouldn't subject me to this again. Once was difficult enough. She wouldn't. His voice barely above a whisper, "No..."
"Did you say something?"
"No, Father."
Where are you, Woman? Why did you do this to me? Why me? Explain yourself!

You're right. She didn't do this to you. I did.
He turns slowly not recognizing the voice. I don't know you. Explain.
I'm Roo. I'm a friend of Keth's and she was kind enough to give me a clone to abuse... erm use for my own legacy.
Preposterous! She would never... and why do I sound like this? He pauses lost in thought. A small gleam in his eyes as a grin plays at the corners of his mouth. You've changed me. I'm no longer a cheese freak. I no longer am a family or pleasure sim. Why?
Simply put, I rolled the dice. 1-2 you'd be family, 3-4 you'd be pleasure, 5-6 you'd be knowledge. Each one represents a stage in your original self's life. As a teen you rolled family, in college you rolled pleasure up until you took fate in to your own hands and made yourself a cheesehead. Then after college, you rolled knowledge. I rolled a 6.
Again my fate is left to the roll of a die. What happened here? What is with this odd named empty lot?
*wavy lines of flashback*

I had to prepare the hood. I can't stand the binned folks wandering around mucking up my play so I tend to break them up or kill them off. Send them for adoption, etc.
Hence the name of the lot... how many did you kill?
*blinks* This time, surprisingly no one. Most were given a makeover and sent off to be townies. The children were aged up and sent either to college or to be townies.
None? Pathetic.
Perhaps. I'm not finished. I still have to add a shopping district and perhaps downtown for you to visit. There will be more binned folk to deal with and some are destined for death by flies.
Orrin grins, Brutal.
*end wavy lines of flashback*
Say good-bye to your father, its time for you to go.

Go? I just got here. Where are you sending me?
College. You're going back to school to find yourself a wife and an education.
Before I do, we need to set some ground rules.
*raises an eyebrow* This should prove entertaining.
Listen here. I have had enough of this attitude with the woman I don't need it with you as well. There will be some ground rules so you don't go and muck up my life more so than you have already.
*smirks* You're at my mercy now, Sport. Go say good-bye and make the call.
Sport? Did you just call me SPORT?! That is unacceptable. You will cease with the nicknames and listen to my demands.
Listen, Sp-... Orrin. My wrist hurts, my back hurts, I'm getting tired and lemme tell you something, if I get tired while playing... bad things happen.
This is not over. You will hear from me again.
I'm sure I will. In the meantime. Father. Phone. Cab.
What will be come of Father?
If you cooperate, towniedom. He'll live forever as young as he is now... or if you choose to be difficult, I can do death by flies. Choose.
Orrin pauses and contemplates his choices. Agreed.

"Good-bye, Father."
"Bye, Orrin." The men hug their farewell. "Son?"
"Yes, Father."
"Where are you going?" Waylon takes a step back and looks at him with concern.
"College." Orrin gives him a reassuring grin. "Don't worry, you'll be fine."
"It isn't me I'm worried about." Waylon pats his son on the shoulder. "We've never had the 'talk'." He blushes softly feeling uneasy. He steps back once more distancing himself from the boy.
"That's quite alright, Father. I know enough about that subject and what I don't know I am sure to learn in college."
"That's what I'm afraid of."
Orrin raises an eyebrow and shakes his head. "Be that as it may, I am leaving now and I wish you well." He turns on his heel and grabs the phone to call for transportation.

See you on the flip side, Orrin.
Just keep your promise and take care of my father.
I will.

Okay, Waylon. Click on the cat and go downtown.
*shoos Waylon*
Waylon looks confused as he stares at the cat before wandering off the lot in search of his wife and his former life.

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